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Top 5 overrated Premier League players this season so far

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With the Premier League 2019-20 season at its peak, we tell you all about the Top 5 underrated players so far in English football.

As the Premier League is about to return from the October international break, we can talk about the Top 5 overrated players of the season so far.

There have been many new arrivals to English football this season, some of them have been a success and some haven’t.

There are other players who were already playing in England and they are not getting the expected results.

We have to point out at least a couple of players from Manchester United, which is one of the giant clubs that is delivering disappointing results this season.

We bring you, the Top 5 overrated players of the Premier League’s 2019-20 season so far. Please feel free to leave your opinion about this list in the comment section down below.