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Top 5 players in the UEFA Champions League’s week 4

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After another action-packed UEFA Champions League fixture, it’s time to look at the Top 5 players of week 4 in the competition. 

Now that the UEFA Champions League’s week 4 is finished, it’s time to make our own Top 5 list of the best players in the competition.

There were several footballers who made a lasting impression in this week’s activity, there were also some surprising absences.

In regards to unexpected names who weren’t on the list, we have both Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi after failing to score for their respective squads.

This time, we had a major debutant who presented himself to the world, a brave goalkeeper who saved his squad from losing points, a surprise defender who scored a brace, and another two virtuosos who left a lasting impression.

We will go through the exploits of every single player on this list, and tell you why they earned a spot on this week’s activity.