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Top 5 players Leo Messi needs to be competitive again

Messi, Barcelona
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After his latest interview, we tell you the Top 5 players Leo Messi needs at FC Barcelona in order to be competitive again. 

It’s no secret that Leo Messi is struggling very much to win trophies again at FC Barcelona, here’s a Top 5 list of players who can help him. Winning La Liga titles has become almost boring for Leo. He already won 10 of them. We know the Copa del Rey is not as exciting to win as other titles.

The UEFA Champions League is the trophy he desires with all his heart, but he needs better teammates to do so. During his latest interview, Messi already spoke about two specific players he would like having at the club before he retires. We will talk about them. We will also about another three possible options to help him achieve his goals.

We need to remember that Ballon d’Or trophies are not important to Leo if they don’t come together with major collective titles. We give you, the Top 5 players Leo Messi needs to be competitive again.