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Top 5 players that Ronaldo could bring to Juventus

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It’s time to talk about the Top 5 players that Cristiano Ronaldo could convince to play beside him at Juventus during the upcoming season.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s arrival at Juventus transformed him into a player magnet, the Portuguese forward is trying his best to convince several players to join him.

We could already see two examples of this, one is the attempt he made to bring Matthijs de Ligt from AFC Ajax after the UEFA Nations League final.

The other one is the constant attempt to bring James Rodriguez to Juventus and convince him to drop SSC Napoli’s interest.

Cristiano Ronaldo is eager to win the Champions League at least once again during his career, which means he needs the best players surrounding him.

The star knows that the current squad his club has is not enough right now, which is why he is also playing a key role in this summer’s transfers.

We give you, the Top 5 players that Ronaldo can convince to play at Juventus next season.

5.- Matthijs de Ligt – AFC Ajax

As we said, Cristiano Ronaldo made a direct move for the kill with Matthijs de Ligt.

This happened after Portugal defeated the Netherlands in the UEFA Nations League final earlier in June, the Dutch player confirmed what Cristiano told him.

However, this looks like a complicated possibility for Juventus.

The young star seems like he already decided that he will play at either FC Barcelona or Paris Saint-Germain next season.

Juventus can’t compete with those two clubs in regards to the salary they are offering him, which leaves the situation very difficult for the club.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s star power might not be enough to convince this young star.

4.- Bernardo Silva – Manchester City

Although Pep Guardiola has a good hold of Bernardo Silva at Manchester City, Cristiano Ronaldo has a good chance of getting in there and convince the Portuguese star to join him at Juventus.

Both players shared a trophy-winning experience together already and Cristiano knows he is one of the best players in the world right now.

The upside of this negotiation would be that both players share the same agent, Jorge Mendes.

Ronaldo can easily approach Bernardo through their agency and try to convince him to play at Juventus next season.

We are certain that the player wants to win the Champions League and having Ronaldo on his side will help him get it.

3.- Paul Pogba – Manchester United

This could be one of the most complicated negotiations for Juventus, but Cristiano Ronaldo might be the key factor that convinces him to return.

Paul Pogba is already a beloved star in Turin, the Frenchman played his best football when he performed in Serie A.

Cristiano wants some of that talent on his side and he wouldn’t mind talking directly to Paul about the possibility if his return.

In fact, we would put money on saying that Ronaldo already approached Pogba and tried to convince him to make his comeback.

The only problem that Cristiano faces is his former club, Real Madrid.

Zidane and Los Blancos desperately want Pogba on their squad, we believe a bidding war is approaching for the midfielder.

2.- Angel Di Maria – PSG

The Argentine winger already knows what it means to win trophies with Cristiano Ronaldo and make a great partnership.

‘Fideo’ was the one who made him win his first trophy at Real Madrid when they faced the greatest FC Barcelona of all-time.

Di Maria also won the UEFA Champions League in 2014 alongside Ronaldo, the Portuguese player only has great memories with Di Maria and they also share the same agent.

Despite his veteran status at PSG, Angel is still an elite talent that can still play for a few years at the highest level.

1.- James Rodriguez – Real Madrid

The Colombian playmaker is arguably one of Cristiano Ronaldo’s biggest obsessions, he desperately wants him by his side at Juventus.

Carlo Ancelotti’s SSC Napoli are the ones who are making the biggest offer for James, but Ronaldo trusts that he can convince his former teammate.

Cristiano knows the impressive level of skill that Rodriguez has, which is why he has a feeling that Juventus will be a title contender next season if they sign him.

Which of these players would perform better with Cristiano Ronaldo at Juventus? Please leave your opinion in the comment section down below.