Top 5 players who loved only one club in their career

ROME, ITALY - MAY 28: Francesco Totti greets the fans after his last match during the Serie A match between AS Roma and Genoa CFC at Stadio Olimpico on May 28, 2017 in Rome, Italy. (Photo by Paolo Bruno/Getty Images)

Now that it’s Valentine’s Day, we decided to talk about the Top 5 players who loved only one club throughout their entire career as professional players.

There are countless stories of football players who professed their undying love to one club throughout their careers, we thought it was a perfect moment to talk about these players given that it’s Valentine’s Day and this is the date in which love is in the air.

There are several players who deserve to be on this list, but we decided to only honor five of them because of how much they meant to their fans and the beautiful love relationship they developed with them throughout the years.

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For this list, it doesn’t matter if some of these players eventually left the club, only their unbreakable bond with the fans is what we are taking under consideration.

We give you, the Top 5 players who loved only one club in their entire career as professionals.