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Top 5 Players with the best signature boots in football

during the Serie A match between AS Roma and Genoa CFC at Stadio Olimpico on May 28, 2017 in Rome, Italy.

In world football and merchandising, there are many football players who have their own signature football boots and we are going to talk about the best.

Football Boots weren’t really a hot topic until a few decades ago, but when merchandising started to become more relevant and brands started to innovate in football the signature boots started to become a trend amongst players since the nineties decade. Since that moment forward, many of the best players in modern football history began to get their own signature boots within the brands that sponsored them and they really changed the way in which we all look at football fashion today. For that reason we have decided to talk to you about the Top 5 signature football boots in football, we will talk about five specific boots that were made only for one player and had a huge impact on fans who wanted to buy them for their collection.

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1.- Ronaldo Nazario.

One could easily make the argument that the trend of signature football boots began with the Brazilian Fenomeno, who during his time at Internazionale Milano was approached by Nike to create the lightest football boot at the time with his name on it. Out of that ordeal, we got the first ever signature R9 Mercurial Vapor from Nike, a boot that has transformed throughout the decades and one that still remains alive to this day with other amazing players like Neymar or Cristiano Ronaldo. But the original Ronaldo takes the spot with this synthetic football boot, that completely changed football for strikers who wanted to feel light on their feet and always places speed above everything else.

2.- Francesco Totti.

The Italian legend had two signature boots that we all remember, one was the Tiempo Legend V from Nike in the black colorway from which only 3000 were made. The other one came right before his retirement and it was one of the most beautiful signature football boots ever made, it was a K-leather upper Tiempo Legend VI X in the golden colorway. There were only 2500 pairs of these made as they were very exclusive, Totti wore them during the year in which he retired from football and they were truly amongst the most beautiful constructed boots ever made.

3.- Ronaldinho.

As one of the most talented football players in modern football, it was only fitting that Nike wanted to make a lot of signature boots for him and the K-leather Tiempo Legend line was the most obvious choice for his skills. There were many models made for Ronaldinho, but the one that stands out the most is the Nike Air Legend R10 in white and gold that came out in 2005. This is the ultimate signature football boot that sums up the impressive career that Ronaldinho had throughout history. Still to this day the man wears his Tiempo Legend boots when he plays benefit matches.

4.- Zinedine Zidane.

This wouldn’t be a great list without some Adidas Predators on here, and who better to represent this list than Zinedine Zidane’s signature boots? The French magician always wore the Preds during his career, he was the one who popularized the famous Predator Mania in black, white and red. We can also mention Davi Beckham’s special signature Predator line with his specific logo, but Zidane is the one who wore the most amazing pair in the 2006 World Cup final. The golden k-leather Predator Absolutes, a unique pair that was never sold to the public and Zinedine Zidane only wore for that specific match against Italy.

5.- Andrea Pirlo.

We have to talk about those Tiempo Legend VI that Andrea Pirlo got before he retired from football, a pair in a maroon colorway with a cork insole from which only a few thousand pairs were made. We know we are biased with this list, but you can’t say that this football boot is not incredibly classy in how it perfectly represents the elegance of the player that was Andrea Pirlo throughout his whole career. But this is why we decided to make this list, because there are many more players who got their signature boots and we are sure you will want to mention them in the comment section down below.