Top 5 predictions for the new Champions League season

With the UEFA Champions League underway, this is a perfect time to make the Top 5 predictions that may happen in the tournament.

The UEFA Champions League just started on Tuesday, we are making a Top 5 list of the most interesting predictions that may or may not happen throughout the season.

We decided to mention the most significant events or situations that we believe will come to fruition, this includes either whole squads or individual players.

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We still don't know what Sergio Ramos' problem with Jose Mourinho was, but we can tell that the defender doesn't like the manager.  Jose Mourinho...

Although we know there are a lot more predictions that we can do, we encourage you to drop us the craziest one that you can think of in the comment section down below.

We give you, the Top 5 predictions for the new Champions League season. Have fun and enjoy!


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