Top 5 Premier League players to watch for next weekend

3.- Kevin de Bruyne – Manchester City

Arguably the most impressive player from Manchester City during the international break, a versatile player who delivers similar results regardless of the position he plays.

Ashley Young, Manchester United, Premier League

Young believes United is close to playing its best football

Manchester United captain Ashley Young believes his coach is getting ready to play its best football after they had a rough start in the league.

Against San Marino, Robert Martinez decided to use Kavin as a central midfielder.

His influence in this match resulted in a 0-4 victory, but his biggest performance came last Monday.

As the Belgians played in Scotland, De Bruyne delivered a mesmerizing performance with an assist hat-trick and a goal for his side’s 4-0 victory.

The two same results with Kavin playing in very different positions on the pitch, Guardiola can’t wait to use him as he pleases this season.

City is set to play at Norwich on Saturday, and De Bruyne will certainly be part of the lineup.


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