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Top 5 quotes from Leo Messi’s latest interview on RAC1

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After an extended interview with RAC1 was released, we need to discuss the Top 5 quotes that Leo Messi gave to RAC1.

We all tend to go crazy when Leo Messi talks to the press because he doesn’t do it often, we will talk about his Top 5 quotes from the latest interview he offered on RAC1.

Considering that he isn’t traveling with Argentina during the international breaks due to a suspension from Conmebol, Leo schedules interviews.

The Argentine wanted to clear the air on several topics that have been discussed over the last month, he also wanted to tell a few good stories from the past.

We got a great response from the Barcelona captain, who is far from that timid boy who didn’t like talking to the press.

This is a mature Leo Messi, who finally understands how important he is to the world of football. We bring you, the Top 5 quotes from his latest interview on RAC1.