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Top 5 Real Madrid players who are succeeding on a loan

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We need to talk about the Top 5 Real Madrid players who are currently succeeding away from the club and are currently on a loan.

Real Madrid has several great players who are currently serving a loan in many clubs around the world, but we will talk about the Top 5 most successful.

These players were not considered good enough to play for Los Blancos at some point, which left them with no other choice but to seek fortune somewhere else.

Right about now, many of those players would fit quite well in a Real Madrid squad that is in complete shambles.

In fact, some of them might actually return to the club in the near future. This gave us the idea to talk about the Top 5 Real Madrid loanees who are having wild success in their respective clubs right now.

Please feel free to add any player you consider part of this list as well, do it in the comment section down below.