Due to his complicated first season, we need to discuss the Top 5 reasons Antoine Griezmann is unhappy at Barcelona. 

It’s safe to say that after nearly four months at FC Barcelona, we can talk about the Top 5 reasons Antoine Griezmann is not a happy man at the club.

When he first started thinking about the idea to play for the Catalan club, he didn’t imagine it would be this complicated.

Many different events have taken place since he arrived, some of them are out of his control and some of them aren’t.

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We will tell you all about the Top 5 reasons we believe Antoine Griezmann isn’t happy at FC Barcelona.

It’s evident that the French player doesn’t look comfortable in his own skin, and we will tell you which aspects he can improve in order to change his situation.

Please, don’t forget to tell us why you think Antoine Griezmann doesn’t look happy at FC Barcelona. We would love to know what you have to say about the French forward. 


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