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Top 5 reasons Barcelona should sign Antoine Griezmann

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Time to discuss the Top 5 reasons why FC Barcelona should sign Antoine Griezmann during the summer transfer window.

Antoine Griezmann’s announcement that he was leaving Atletico Madrid this summer possibly was a good thing for Barcelona.

The Catalan club just finished a season in where they couldn’t compete any further than the semifinal during the Champions League season.

Lionel Messi simply wasn’t enough for the Blaugrana to win anything during this tournament, they clearly need a serious upgrade.

Apart from the obvious psychological problems that some of the players are going through, Barcelona also needs some new names to represent them next season.

The transfer market will be very limited for all the clubs, several players will be part of bids amongst the biggest clubs in Europe.

Antoine Griezmann is one of those players that everybody will want, but the Catalan club currently has the upper hand.

However, there have been several board members that don’t want the Frenchman at the club. We tell you the Top 5 reasons why Barcelona should sign him this summer.