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Top 5 reasons Benzema is the most underrated striker

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We need to discuss the Top 5 reasons Karim Benzema has always been the most underrated striker in modern football right now. 

The comparisons between Karim Benzema and other strikers in the world never stop, which is why we need to tell you the Top 5 reasons he is so underrated.

There has always been a negative light about Karim Benzema’s game that we never understood.

From our perspective, he is arguably the best French footballer of his generation and his national team is missing out by not calling him to the squad.

With his two goals against Galatasaray, Karim became the fourth all-time UEFA Champions League’s top scorer.

The Real Madrid striker only has Raul, Messi, and Ronaldo ahead of him. For a player who has been questioned so much throughout his career, this historical stat is not too shabby.

We will try to explain the Top 5 reasons why he is the most underrated striker in the world.