Top 5 reasons Eden Hazard will succeed at Real Madrid

3.- His burning desire to play for Los Blancos.

All the greatest players in the world wish to someday play for the best clubs in the world, but Real Madrid has a special pull to most of them.

Takefusa Kubo ‘very happy’ to make Real Madrid debut

Japanese star Takefusa Kubo was pleased to make his first appearance in a Real Madrid jersey despite it ending in a 3-1 defeat to Bayern Munich.

Unless they came up in Barcelona or remain faithful to Atletico Madrid, the best players in football history tend to like Real Madrid above the rest.

Los Blancos have that mystic tradition that no other squad provides, they also bring immense prestige to their careers and improve them as players.

Eden Hazard is convinced that he will be a better footballer as soon as he wears that white jersey in an official match.

There are countless players who feel the same way, Hazard is one more of that list.


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