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Top 5 reasons England is a serious Euro 2020 candidate

England, Euro 2020
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We need to talk about the Top 5 reasons England has become a serious Euro 2020 candidate under manager Gareth Southgate. 

The England National Team has gone a long way since Gareth Southgate took control of the team, they are a serious candidate for the Euro 2020.

We decided to create a Top 5 list that can tell you the biggest reasons we believe the Three Lions will be a title contender for next summer’s big tournament.

Out of all the national teams that will compete, England has one of the most competitive rosters.

All of this has been possible mostly due to Gareth Southgate’s work.

However, there is also a collective work that the FA as a whole has completed over the last decade.

The pain of not being able to make a competitive squad out of the failed Golden Generation was too great to handle.

With those mistakes in mind, all the clubs in the Premier League decided to work together in order to get to where they are right now.

As a result, we give you the Top 5 reasons England is a serious Euro 2020 contender.