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Top 5 reasons Joao Felix isn’t happy at Atletico Madrid

Joao Felix, Atletico Madrid
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It’s time to take a look at the Top 5 reasons Joao Felix is not comfortable at Atletico Madrid during his first season in La Liga. 

Joao Felix came to Atletico Madrid with high hopes. The young Portuguese forward believed that everything would work out instantly, that he would succeed quickly.

But he was far from what really happens at the Colchoneros, life as a professional footballer is never easy.

Any young players who want to succeed have to go through a threshold that might break them.

There are countless stories of youngsters who didn’t make it due to a variety of factors.

We will focus on Joao Felix’s specific situation.

We will tell you the Top 5 reasons we believe he isn’t happy or comfortable at Atletico Madrid.