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Top 5 reasons Leicester City can finish in the Top Four

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After another victory against Arsenal FC, we need to talk about the Top 5 reasons Leicester City can get a Top Four finish. 

Leicester City managed to get another victory that may inevitably get them closer to the top, we have the Top 5 reasons they can finish in the Top Four.

We honestly didn’t believe that the Foxes would have another stellar season as they did three years ago, when they won the Premier League under manager Claudio Ranieri.

But this season is filled with surprises from this squad, they are proving they can compete against any of the squads from the famous Top 6.

In fact, the current atmosphere can make us think they can actually fight for the title against Liverpool and Manchester City this season.

The Premier League is no longer a two-horse race, a third contender just got in the picture.

We will give you the Top 5 reasons the Fixes can finish the season inside the Premier League’s Top Four.