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Top 5 reasons Neymar will never match Ronaldo’s marketing

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After Neymar’s key decision to move to Puma, it’s time to give you the Top 5 reasons he will never surpass Cristiano Ronaldo’s marketing skills. 

The world of football gear went crazy after Neymar left Ronaldo’s Nike camp in order to sign with Puma. At first glance, this decision was regarded as a masterful marketing decision for the Brazilian. We might never know if he truly wanted to become the highest-paid athlete of a specific brand or if Nike simply didn’t want to pay him enough. But we definitely talk about the impact of his decision from a marketing standpoint. Although he does have an impressive pull, we can already tell you he will never be as big as Cristiano Ronaldo. Don’t believe us? Here are five reasons Neymar will never reach CR7’s brand status. 

5.- Cristiano Ronaldo is the King of social media. 

This one is pretty easy to call. Cristiano Ronaldo is the absolute king of social media not only in football but above any famous individual on planet earth. With a staggering 449 million followers between Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, CR7 is the king. Neymar’s 251 million followers aren’t too shabby but he will never reach Ronaldo’s levels. 

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4.- Ronaldo is on Michael Jordan’s level at Nike. 

While Neymar is struggling to secure new contracts with the biggest sportswear brand in the world, Cristiano Ronaldo is already being compared to the likes of Michael Jordan. Make no mistake, it might be only a matter of time to get his own line of clothing at Nike. Ronaldo could become the first footballer to push the brand into uncharted territory after he retires and possibly launch a signature boot in his honor. 

3.- Cristiano’s stats don’t lie. 

Again, Neymar’s stats are not bad at all. In fact, he might even end up with better numbers than most of his compatriots after he retires. However, Ronaldo is in a league of his own. The Portuguese star even surpasses Leo Messi in several aspects of the game. He just became the second-ever player to surpass 100 goals with his national team and he is only getting started. Neymar simply has no chance to reach those levels. 

2.- Only Beckham’s marketing can be compared to Ronaldo’s. 

Although Neymar’s deal with Puma was considered a brilliant one from the brand, there is no denying another player’s marketing power. We are obviously talking about David Beckham, the first football whose name became a global brand. In fact, we can easily blame Beckham for a small portion of Ronaldo’s marketing success. He was the one who paved the way for future generations when it came to managing his personal image. We don’t want to take anything away from Neymar but he’ll have to remain content with what he accomplished. 

1.- CR7 is a sporting legend. 

This is arguably the aspect that Neymar clearly lacks. When he started his career as a teenager, the Brazilian star had the goal to win the Ballon d’Or in the future. Although his career has been quite impressive, he was unfortunate to live in the Messi vs Ronaldo era. Neymar will live under the shadow of both legends for the rest of his career. Maybe he will have a chance to win the trophy before hanging up his boots but he will never reach those levels. There was so much potential to surpass them both but he simply couldn’t do it.