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Top 5 reasons Real Madrid lost against Real Sociedad

Real Madrid
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After Real Madrid got surprisingly eliminated in the Copa del Rey, we tell you the Top 5 reasons they lost against Real Sociedad. 

Real Sociedad just silenced the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium by eliminating Real Madrid from the Copa del Rey. From the very first minute of the game, we could already see the major weaknesses that Real Madrid was presenting.

Real Sociedad smelled blood early in the game, and they didn’t hesitate to take their chance. Real Madrid gets eliminated from the first competition this season, even though they were considered favorites to win it.

This is the first major blow in Zinedine Zidane’s current season, he truly didn’t expect this result. However, we believe that the players are the ones to blame for this debacle.

We give you, the Top 5 reasons Real Madrid was eliminated by Real Sociedad.