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Top 5 reasons Real Madrid selling James is a big mistake

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We can’t explain why James Rodriguez is getting sold this summer, we give you a Top 5 reasons why Real Madrid is making a big mistake.

After looking at James Rodriguez’s Copa America performance with Colombia so far, we still can’t explain why Real Madrid is so determined to sell him.

Florentino Perez paid a hefty €75 million to AS Monaco for his transfer right after the 2014 World Cup, he clearly came as one of the most exciting talents in the world.

His first year under Carlo Ancelotti didn’t go as planned but he still hoped to be important with Zinedine Zidane as the new manager.

However, the French manager made a clear choice when he picked Isco over the Colombian player.

The wager worked in Zidane’s favor then, which is why Los Blancos decided to let Rodriguez leave on a loan.

Now that he is coming back to Real Madrid, the French manager still doesn’t want him on the squad and we can’t find an explanation.

This is why we decided to give you a Top 5 list of reasons why Real Madrid selling James Rodriguez is a big mistake.