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Top 5 reasons Real Madrid wants Gareth Bale to leave

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We have to discuss the Top 5 reasons Real Madrid is already looking for Gareth Bale’s exit from the club. We will go from least to most likely.

Gareth Bale’s future at Real Madrid appears sealed after last Monday’s match in Butarque.

The Welsh player started the match on the bench and he only played during the last 10 minutes of the match without helping his teammates.

This proves that Zinedine Zidane is not even thinking about Gareth Bale’s future and he is the first on a list of players that will leave next summer.

But just in case you had no idea why the French manager wants Bale out, we’ll give you his reasons.

We are doing a Top 5 list of reasons why Real Madrid wants Gareth to leave Real Madrid.

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