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Top 5 reasons Ronaldo and Sarri should work things out

Sarri and Ronaldo
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As we enter the international break, we give you the Top 5 reasons Ronaldo and Sarri should work things out at Juventus FC. 

After Cristiano Ronaldo’s hat-trick with Portugal on Thursday, it is pretty clear that he’s had a falling out with manager Maurizio Sarri at Juventus.

The Portuguese player has been replaced by the coach twice in the last two matches that the Italian club played.

We still have no idea why this happened, but something important took place between the two of them that we don’t know anything about.

On Sarri’s side, the manager decided to go with the lie that Ronaldo was injured in order to hide what really happened.

Ronaldo’s camp remains silent about the issue, the player only limits himself to playing football and keep scoring goals for Portugal.

We are clear on the Portuguese star not being injured, which leaves everybody wondering what the hell happened.

Whatever the cause may be, we give you the Top 5 reasons Ronaldo and Sarri should work things out between them. 

5.- Andrea Agnelli’s giant investment. 

The fact that Andrea Agnelli has spent more than €200 million in only two seasons at Juventus, must be enough reason for Ronaldo and Sarri to settle their differences.

The club’s chairman’s face as Cristiano left the pitch the second time was very telling, he didn’t like the manager’s choice one bit.

We are convinced that Agnelli has spoken to Sarri several times already since that happened.

Juventus simply cannot afford to not have their most expensive player perform on the pitch when he isn’t really injured. 

4.- Maintain dominance in Italian football. 

If any of the other Italian clubs get a whiff of Ronaldo and Sarri having problems, they will try to destabilize them in any way they can.

We can’t forget that Juventus has won the last eight consecutive Serie A titles and everybody in the country is rooting for them to lose.

At this point, the rest of their opposition doesn’t care how they lose the trophy.

All they care about is the Old Lady not winning another Scudetto by the end of the season.

Sarri and Ronaldo proving they had a falling out, would be incredibly dangerous for their title aspirations on the domestic stage. 

3.- Keep the Juventus supporters happy. 

The fans didn’t imagine they would be having problems like this when the season started, they thought Sarri would come to improve the squad.

Although Maurizio has the upper hand in this situation due to his recent results, anything can happen moving forward.

A single defeat could escalate quickly into an even more delicate situation, which puts Maurizio in a tough position.

If he doesn’t win a game during any given moment, the gaffer would obviously love having Cristiano Ronaldo on his side rather than against him.

There are countless examples of managers getting sacked due to their terrible relationship with the players, Ronaldo can get his coach fired in the blink of an eye. 

2.- Help Ronaldo get a worthy retirement.

Maurizio Sarri’s arrival at Juventus was some of the best news of the summer, the plan was to get Ronaldo one of the best possible coaches for this new season.

The Portuguese forward already sent the board an ultimatum after getting eliminated by AFC Ajax last season, they can’t afford to lose more titles this year.

If Cristiano Ronaldo doesn’t fix things with his manager soon, he will inevitably make the decision to leave the club in order to find a better destination to fulfill his retirement wishes.

It is in Maurizio Sarri’s best interest to keep his greatest player happy, this is not negotiable. 

1.- Win the UEFA Champions League. 

The prime objective for Cristiano Ronaldo and Maurizio Sarri is to win the UEFA Champions League this season.

Not getting along would certainly hurt the situation between the fans and the squad.

The most important objective of the season is winning the continental title, and them not being on the best terms is not helping their cause.

Cristiano needs to start delivering better performances despite his age, and Sarri needs to leave Ronaldo on the pitch for a full 90 minutes against the most competitive clubs.

These two better work out their differences soon or one of them won’t finish the season in the squad. 

Why else do you think Ronaldo should work out his differences with Maurizio Sarri? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.