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Top 5 reasons Ronaldo is not at his best for Juventus

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It’s time for us to talk about the Top 5 reasons we believe Cristiano Ronaldo isn’t playing at the top of his game for Juventus. 

Although Cristiano Ronaldo has already won the Italian Serie A with Juventus, we have to say that we didn’t expect him to perform below what everybody expected.

The Portuguese forward had a brilliant first season with the Old Lady, he scored more than 30 goals in all competitions and he won a trophy that enlarged his legend.

It was only natural that everybody expected him to play even better during his second year, which is why we are surprised by the outcome this far.

The fans in Italy are still wondering if they will get to see that dominant goal-scorer from Real Madrid, the one who got over 40 goals per-season every year.

We are here to tell you the Top 5 reasons Cristiano Ronaldo is not playing at his best for Juventus right now.