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Top 5 reasons Sergio Ramos is hated by FC Barcelona fans

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As a counter-argument to a previous Top 5 list, we give you the reasons Sergio Ramos might be hated by FC Barcelona fans.

Given that we already wrote about Gerard Pique as Real Madrid’s most hated Barcelona player, we should also talk about Sergio Ramos as Barcelona’s most hated player.

In past years, there hadn’t been a player from the Spanish giants who was this hated by the Catalan club’s fans until Sergio came along.

To be honest, the Sevilla-born footballer is not even as explosive as Gerard Pique, but he does have certain trades that makes him unbearable to the Blaugrana supporters.

We will talk about the Top 5 reasons why we believe Sergio Ramos is so hated by FC Barcelona fans.

Feel free to leave your opinion on the matter in the comment section down below, for we know you may not agree with our premise.