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Top 5 reasons Simeone would fit in the Premier League

Diego Simeone, Premier League
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It’s time for us to discuss the situation that Diego Simeone is going through, and the Top 5 reasons the Premier League suits him. 

Diego Simeone has been Atletico Madrid’s manager for the last eight years, perhaps the Premier League is a good option for him.

There is an image of the Argentine manager giving up to Lionel Messi’s inevitable talents last weekend against FC Barcelona.

‘Cholo’ notices when the Catalan club takes the ball and he can clearly sense the danger.

After he realized that Barcelona scored the winning goal, he couldn’t help but clap.

This reaction wasn’t very well received by the fans or the club’s board.

The discourse that Diego Simeone has maintained during his time at the Colchoneros is old news.

It is evident that he is going through an evident disconnect with the rest of the Atleticos at the club.

We kept thinking he would possibly go to Italy after Spain, but England is also a great option for him.

We give you the Top 5 reasons Diego Simeone would fit great in the Premier League.