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Top 5 reasons why Pele is the best player in football history

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As a continuation of our best players in football history series, we move on to the last of the list. The Top 5 reasons why Pele is the best ever.

For many years before the Messi/Ronaldo era, Pele was always placed next to Diego Maradona as the two best players who ever lived.

The Brazilian forward was the best representative of an era in which football was only starting to become the world phenomenon that it is today.

We could easily say that Pele is the ultimate pioneer of what we know today as the King of Sports.

But there is so much more we could say about Edson Arantes do Nascimento, we need to talk about many of his feats.

This is why we will give you the Top 5 reasons why Pele needs to be considered amongst the best players in football history.

If you don’t agree with this list, feel free to tell us all about your assessment in the comment section down below.