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Top 5 Ronaldo goals against Barcelona at Camp Nou

FC Barcelona v Real Madrid - Supercopa de Espana: 1st Leg
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Cristiano Ronaldo has provided fans some memorable moments in ‘El Clasico’ matches over the years, scoring a total of 14 goals against Lionel Messi’s Barcelona at Camp Nou.

Ronaldo never fails to deliver. Once again, he has delighted fans with his brace against Barcelona in yesterday’s Champions League clash. Football enthusiasts were eager to see the game’s most legendary player-rivalry come to life once more. Two and a half years later, Ronaldo and his team decided to compensate for our wait with an expressive 3-0 victory over Messi’s side.

However, yesterday’s goals haven’t deserved a place on the best Cristiano moments at Camp Nou. From the ‘Calma, Calma’ celebrations to Cup-winning goals, it is hard to narrow down Ronaldo’s best moments at Barcelona’s stadium. So which ones have made it through to the top 5? See the list below to find out.

5. La Liga 2012/2013

Remember when Ozil was the king of assists? Ronaldo probably remembers this one. The Portuguese’s impressive run left Barcelona’s defense looking like they were playing hide and seek.

4. Spanish Super Cup 2012

There’s no stopping Cristiano when it comes to headers. His impulse and power make him too unpredictable in the box. Reports say Busquets is still on the floor wondering where it all went wrong.

3. La Liga 2012/2013

A good-old clash between the world’s best with one brace on each side. Ronaldo showed-off his powerful left foot, surprising Victor Valdes with a near-post finish.

2. La Liga 2011/2012

Portugal’s captain gained several copycats over the years with his iconic celebrations. The “Calma, Calma” one is arguably one of the best. It takes a lot of courage to provoke your rival’s fans, but then again it is Cristiano Ronaldo we’re talking about.

1. Spanish Super Cup 2017/2018

We won’t lie, these throwbacks had us longing for ‘El Clasico’ games like Messi longs for Xavi and Iniesta. But everything must come to an end. At least we’ll leave you with a finish that had us all overlooking the red card Ronaldo received a minute later.