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Top 5 Ronaldo records that Lionel Messi will never reach

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After his goal in Coppa Italia on Wednesday, we give you the Top 5 Ronaldo records that Lionel Messi will never match. 

Ronaldo is still very much involved in his particular rivalry with Lionel Messi. He just reached another record that the Argentine will never get.

While both of them are considered the two best players in football history, there are some differences to point out.

Critics and pundits keep pointing out Lionel Messi’s natural skill to play football.

However, they fail to appreciate the level of difficulty in Ronaldo’s many records throughout his career.

The reality is that the Barcelona star will never break a number of the milestones that the Portuguese star has under his belt.

We will tell you all about the Top 5 records that Cristiano has and Leo will never experience. 

5.- Win titles in more than six different club competitions.


Given that Messi might only play at FC Barcelona for the rest of his career, he only has the chance to win six different competitions.

Cristiano Ronaldo had the opportunity to play in Portugal, England, Spain, and Italy.

While Leo already won every tournament he can win with FC Barcelona, Ronaldo’s variety of titles is a lot more impressive.

The Juventus man knows that Messi will never know what winning the Premier League or a Serie A titles feel like.

There is still time for Messi to play in a different country, but we doubt this will happen. 

4.- Winning every title with two different clubs in Europe’s elite. 


After winning it all with Manchester United during his time with the Red Devils. Cristiano Ronaldo wanted to do the same at Real Madrid.

Despite taking him a little longer than expected, the Portuguese player finally did it with Los Blancos.

Messi only has the chance to win trophies at FC Barcelona, he might never play for another giant club in a different European country.

This reluctance to play in England or Italy comes due to the level of comfort Messi has in Barcelona. 

3.- Score 40+ goals per season in two major European leagues.

Even though Lionel Messi’s record in the Spanish La Liga is quite legendary already, he will never experience glory in different countries.

Ronaldo can brag about getting 40+ goals in both England and Spain.

His recent transfer to Juventus will open a new opportunity to do the same in Italian football.

As of right now, Ronaldo is already past 20 goals in all competitions with his club alone.

It’s not crazy to think that he can get to 40 by the end of the season. 

2.- Score goals in four different European countries at a club level. 

When Ronaldo started his career in Sporting CP, he got to score goals in the domestic cup and the Primeira Liga.

This means that he scored goals in European competitions from four different countries already.

Even if Messi decides to play for a different club in the continent, he will never reach this Record established by Ronaldo.

This one is too late to get, which means that Cristiano surpassed Messi in this aspect of the game as well. 

1.- Win the league in Europe’s three major tournaments. 

Despite having Lionel Messi winning 10 La Liga titles at FC Barcelona, he will never break the record Ronaldo established last season.

With his Serie A title at Juventus, Cristiano became the only player in history to win the league in the three biggest European leagues that exist.

The man won the Premier League, La Liga, and the Italian Serie A. Messi will only know what it feels like to win the domestic title in Spain.

We believe that winning leagues in different countries at the highest level is more impressive than winning many in a single competition. 

Which other Ronaldo records will never be matched by Lionel Messi? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.