Top 5 Serie A transfers so far during the summer window

The time has come to talk about the Top 5 most important Serie A transfers of the summer transfer window so far, we’ll tell you all about them.

The Italian Serie A has been one of the busiest markets in European football this summer, with Juventus making the most important transfers so far.

The Old Lady started a revolution last season after paying €117 million for Cristiano Ronaldo, but they knew they needed more players this season.

Cristiano Ronaldo left out of Juventus’ final friendly

Juventus have decided to play it safe by leaving out Cristiano Ronaldo for tonight's final pre-season friendly at Triestina.

With that in mind, other historic Italian clubs have decided to spend big during the summer for some very interesting players.

We have all the Top 5 Serie A clubs making important investments during the summer transfer window, which will make the competition that much more interesting.

Let’s see which players are the most important arrivals for the biggest Italian clubs in the competition.


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