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Top 5 stars Beckham wants for Inter Miami next summer

Beckham, Inter Miami
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As David Beckham’s new MLS franchise starts to take off, we take a look at the Top 5 stars that he wants for Inter Miami next summer.

David Beckham’s Inter Miami project is very ambitious, we will talk about the Top 5 stars he wants for next summer. There are many players who are being approached by the English businessman. Neymar recently acknowledged he promised David he would someday play for his MLS squad.

But there are some names that are still out of reach for ‘Becks’, mostly the stars who still have a few years left in Europe. Neymar is amongst them, but Messi and Ronaldo are other interesting cases. For the time being, none of these stars will be coming to Inter Miami next summer.

However, Beckham still believes he can convince them. Today’s list consists of the stars that are already on the final stages of their career, the more human players if you will. Are you ready?