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Top 5 strikers to replace Romelu Lukaku at Man United

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Time to talk about the Top 5 strikers who have the necessary skill to play at Manchester United as Romelu Lukaku’s replacement next season.

The situation between Manchester United and Romelu Lukaku has reached a point of no return, the Belgian striker is not really considered as an integral part of the squad for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and the club could already be looking for a replacement.

The options are so many that we couldn’t even begin to talk about every single one of them, the Norwegian manager still doesn’t know if he will remain as the Red Devils’ coach but he does know that making this decision about Romelu Lukaku’s future is something that he will have to deal with.

One good option could be to just use Marcus Rashford in that striker’s position as they have done it for most of the matches that Solskjaer has managed, but the club would like to use the young forward more as a winger than a centre-forward and that’s the reason they are effectively looking for Lukaku’s replacement.

This is why we have decided to tell you all about the Top 5 strikers who could replace Lukaku at Manchester United.