Top 5 strongest candidates to win the Copa America

It’s about time to discuss the Top 5 strongest candidates that can actually win the upcoming Copa America that will be celebrated in Brazil.

The Copa America is coming our way during the summer, which is why we’ve decided to create a Top 5 list of the strongest candidates to win the trophy.

There are going to be three groups in total for this competition, which means that we are getting 12 national teams competing for the tournament.

There are only 10 South American nations that will compete for the title, plus two invited squads.

Solskjaer could give Alexis Sanchez one more chance

After the Copa America performance he offered with Chile, looks like Alexis Sanchez will get one more chance from Solskjaer. Alexis Sanchez's Copa America overall...

The teams that have been invited for this year’s edition of the tournament are the Japan and Qatar national teams.

Out of the 12 teams that will compete for the tournament, we’ve decided to create the Top 5 list of the strongest candidates that could win the Copa America by the end of the tournament.

Feel free to let us know if you agree with our picks or if you think another national team should be on this list.


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