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Top 5 successful defensive managers in modern football

Top 5, defensive managers
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It is time to talk about the Top 5 most successful managers who were famously defensive in modern football history. Parking the bus!

Football only has two types of football, this time we will talk about the Top 5 successful defensive manager in the modern era.

We will leave the past for a different list but we will focus on the names that the new generation remembers.

The term ‘Park the Bus’ has always been around in English football vernacular, but it’s become more prominent in recent years.

We will talk about the coaches who met the highest level of success in the modern era through their defensive tactical approach.

We are not criticizing them for their choice. Our only goal is to highlight the level of success they reached with this style of play.

Although there are many variations in both schools, it’s easy to recognize the defensive ones when we see them.