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Top 5 talking points from Liverpool’s victory at Salzburg

Liverpool, Salzburg
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After this very complicated match, we give you the Top 5 talking points from Liverpool FC’s victory against Red Bul Salzburg. 

The odds were slightly against Liverpool FC against Red Bull Salzburg this evening, we got the Top 5 talking points of this match.

As the current champions of this competition, the Reds were in real danger of getting eliminated.

We had a struggling Liverpool that has suffered all season in the Champions League.

They were playing against one of the biggest underdogs of this competition, a club with one of the most diverse rosters in Europe.

Salzburg needed from their fans in order to make the miracle happen and eliminate Liverpool. But this is where the differences become evident.

You could tell which of both clubs was more experienced in this competition. Salzburg never had a chance against the Reds.