Top 5 teenagers of the biggest European Leagues

It’s time to talk about the Top 5 teenagers who are currently considered as the best footballers from the biggest European Leagues this season.

As time keep running its course in world football and young players grow as professionals, they are no longer teenagers and they are replaced by other young talents in the biggest European Leagues.

It was only last year when we saw a still under-20 Kylian Mbappé conquer the globe at the World Cup in Russia, but the PSG player is already past the threshold that constitutes him as a teenager.

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We can also mention Marcus Rashford’s debut a few years back and how he had a dream debut for Manchester United as a teenager, but those players are no longer considered for this Top 5 list.

It’s time to give you a glimpse at the footballers of the future, precocious players who are hungry for glory and will do anything they can to get it.


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