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Top 5: The most controversial VAR decisions yet

Top 5: The most controversial VAR decisions yet
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Has VAR ruined football? Let’s take a look at the system’s five most controversial decisions yet in European football.

VAR continues to steal headlines all over Europe, with last weekend’s Premier League games seeing many controversial decisions.

It fueled the ongoing debate as to whether the system is really working for referees to make the correct decisions.

Many believe that VAR has sucked out the raw passion from games, with referees often delaying goal decisions to discover whether the system has deemed it offside.

This approach has changed the tide in several games this season, with Liverpool’s 1-0 win over Wolves being the latest one.

Two VAR reviews worked in Liverpool’s favour as it ruled out Pedro Neto’s effort and allowed Sadio Mane’s goal.

“Decisions are killing us, it’s [VAR] killing us, it’s constantly against us,” said Wolves captain Conor Coady.

Does he have a point?

Let’s find out by going through the Top 5 biggest VAR incidents across Europe so far.