Top 5 things Barcelona need to win the Champions League

Let’s dive into the Top 5 things that FC Barcelona needs in order to win the Champions League title for the sixth time in history.

The previous Champions League season was utterly disappointing for FC Barcelona, to say the least.

The Catalan club seemed to have everything under control, they were considered the top club in the continent as they have over the last four seasons.

However, the Blaugrana have fallen in every single year against a large variety of opponents.

Griezmann excited to link-up with Lionel Messi at Barcelona

Antoine Griezmann has confessed his excitement at the prospect of linking up with his new team-mate Lionel Messi at Barcelona.

The furthest they got was all the way to the semifinals last season, where they painfully lost against Liverpool.

It’s clear that the Catalan club needs to make some important changes this year, which is why we decided to make a Top 5 list of things they need in order to win this trophy again.

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