Top 5 things Man City needs to win the Champions League

Let’s talk about the Top 5 things that Man City needs in order to finally win the UEFA Champions League in the upcoming season.

Man City is arguably one of the richest clubs in the world right now, they have won several Premier League titles as of late but they still haven’t won the UEFA Champions League.

The English club that is controlled by a country, is right up there amongst the ones that have spent incredible sums of cash with the goal of winning that prestigious title.

Jordan Henderson, Liverpool

Henderson calls for more Champions League success

Liverpool team captain Jordan Hendeson has called on his teammates to bring more Champions League success to the Club. Liverpool prepares to face Italian side...

So far, the Citizens haven’t been lucky in this aspect but they are certainly getting closer to winning it.

Bringing Pep Guardiola to the mix three years ago is arguably the biggest move they could’ve made, but they still have to win the competition.

This is why we bring you, the Top 5 things that Manchester City needs to win the Champions League this season.


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