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Top 5 things we learned from Liverpool’s win vs Norwich

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Liverpool just opened the new Premier League season with a smashing victory against Norwich City, we bring you five things we learned.

It’s official, Liverpool started the season in the best possible manner after beating Norwich City 4-1 at Anfield Road.

The Premier League began with the Reds making their debut in front of their own crowd, they are more than ready for this new season to begin and they proved it with this first win.

We will go through some details about this very first Premier League match of the season, the first-ever to utilize VAR but didn’t really need to do it because the game went by fairly fast.

English football has always been quite straight forward in regards to fluidity, which means the video assistant referee will only get used when needed.

We bring you, the Top 5 things we learned from Liverpool’s win against Norwich City.