Top 5 transfer priorities for Manchester United this summer

As a new transfer window approaches, we need to talk about Manchester United’s Top 5 priorities for the upcoming summer.

Manchester United is arguably one of the English clubs that are in dire need of a massive transfer upgrade, they have many priorities this summer.

The Red Devils are fresh out of finishing a season completely empty-handed and looking how the rest of the Top Six clubs are having a grand finale.

Manchester United, Arsenal, Premier League

Hargreaves doesn’t think United or Arsenal will finish top four

According to the former footballer, the team has not improved a lot since last season in the English Premier League and he doesn't see what can they do better.

This situation can’t repeat itself next season and the club is in dire need of several upgrades.

We have decided to talk about Manchester United’s Top 5 transfer priorities for the imminent summer that’s coming our way.

The transfer window has officially opened in England and the Red Devils should be one of the most active clubs over the next three months.


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