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Top 5 unlikely transfers for Real Madrid next summer

Harry Kane, Tottenham
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It’s time for us to talk about the Top 5 most unlikely transfers that Real Madrid could decide to pursue in the foreseeable future.

As the most powerful club in the world, even Real Madrid has a Top 5 list of unlikely transfers they would kill to have in their roster.

Los Blancos don’t usually get no for an answer, but there are still some players who could never wear the white jersey.

In some cases, there are players who will never become Real Madrid players because they are faithful to another club.

In other examples, there are players who might’ve missed their opportunity already.

While there are some that could still play for the Spanish giants, they are currently far from an actual transfer getting completed.

We will tell you all about the Top 5 unlikely transfers for Real Madrid during next summer.

But as we told you before, anything can happen in football.