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Top 5 versions of Cristiano Ronaldo throughout his career 

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It’s time to look at the Top 5 versions that Cristiano Ronaldo has given us throughout his professional career in football.

Now that he is completely turned into a football veteran, Cristiano Ronaldo has so many versions of himself to choose from his entire professional career.

The Portuguese star has done some incredible feats over the years but he’s always maintained his passion to evolve inside this sport.

Picking a single version of Ronaldo is extremely difficult, but we can rank the versions that we believe are the best in a list made for your enjoyment.

We know that you may not agree with our picks completely, which is why we beg you to leave a comment about the version of Cristiano that you remember the most down below.

We give you, the Top 5 versions of Cristiano Ronaldo throughout his professional career in football.

5.- The one from the Jose Mourinho era at Real Madrid.

Right in the middle of the Pep Guardiola reign in Barcelona, Jose Mourinho came to Real Madrid with the clear conviction of ending this dominance in European football.

Although he wasn’t able to fulfill his mission in its entirety, he did stand up to the Catalan club in the Spanish La Liga for one season.

In order to accomplish what he did, Jose knew that he needed one of the best versions that Cristiano Ronaldo had to offer.

We are talking about the player who didn’t care about sending missiles from a long distance, the one who was still cocky and a little bit arrogant when he scored those spectacular goals.

The Camp Nou will never forget that Clasico in which he silenced the whole stadium after scoring the goal that decided the tournament.

4.- The 2016 Ronaldo from Real Madrid and Portugal.

This was arguably one of the most prolific years in Cristiano Ronaldo’s whole career, this was a season in which he won the two biggest trophies of 2016.

Ronaldo came from scoring the winning penalty in the Champions League final against Atletico Madrid, but his biggest moment came during that summer with Portugal.

The Portuguese star missed the European Championship final against France due to an injury, but he still performed at the top of his game during the rest of the competition prior to that.

This was the year in which Cristiano set himself apart from Messi, he did it by winning a major trophy with his national team for the first time in his career.

3.- The Ronaldo that finally won the Ballon d’Or vs Messi.

It had been four long and obnoxious years or Cristiano Ronaldo watching how Lionel Messi beat him in every award ceremony, he was getting tired of losing to him.

The year 2013 will always be remembered by Cristiano as the one in which he finally ended that dominance, the tears in his eyes after winning the Ballon d’Or confirmed how much he suffered during all those years.

Cristiano didn’t actually win a collective trophy that truly mattered that season, but he did perform better than any other player in the world.

We will never forget that series between Portugal and Sweden for a 2014 World Cup ticket, Ronaldo vs Zlatan at the top of their game with Cristiano coming out on top.

2.- The Ronaldo from Sir Alex Ferguson’s Manchester United.

You can say whatever you want about the Ronaldo from Real Madrid, but we truly fell in love with Cristiano when he reached his peak at Manchester United.

There truly was a moment between 2007 and 2009 when he was unplayable in the Premier League, and the whole 2007-08 season is still one of the most spectacular individual performances of all time.

Cristiano still had that flair by making flicks and tricks that made people get out of their seats to witness his insane skills.

This is the player that many Ronaldo fans still miss today, but he wasn’t as effective as the first place on this list.

1.- The undisputed 2017 Cristiano Ronaldo at Real Madrid.

Peak Ronaldo came when he was already a veteran, it was during one of his final years at Real Madrid under manager Zinedine Zidane.

Perhaps there is no other coach in history who understood Ronaldo’s capabilities better than ‘Zizou’ ever did, he knew how important it was to keep his best player always healthy.

This is the Ronaldo that you knew could change the course of a match in a single minute, he was the one who knocked every single rival out of the competition.

That final against Juventus was beautiful to watch, you could simply smell that Cristiano was going to get at least the winning goal of the match.

Which version of Ronaldo is your favorite? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.