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Top 5 wisest football managers in the history of the game

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5.- Marcelo Bielsa

Despite being one of the managers who really hasn’t won many trophies throughout his career, there is a general consensus about Marcelo Bielsa’s intelligence in football that is widely regarded as a virtue.

The man goes about his life with a great deal of humbleness in everything he does, this has granted him a massive level of respect from his peers and even sparked praise from some of the best managers in the world today.

Pep Guardiola is Bielsa’s biggest fan, the Catalan manager speaks wonders of him every time he gets and he even has one of his most famous quotes written on a drawing board inside his office.

A methodical man who lives for football who barely sleeps and pays the highest level of attention to the smallest details, Marcelo Bielsa will be remembered long after he is gone as ‘El Loco’.