Top 6 – Greatest active international goalscorers

If there’s one position on the pitch where it’s essential to have a top player, it’s upfront. It’s impossible to be a good team or a winning team without a goalscorer.

That’s particularly important in club football but essential when it comes to international football. The international teams that don’t have a regular goalscorer are the ones that often struggle the most.

Indeed, in international football, have a striker that will score goals regularly is often the difference. It’s been proven down the years and continues to be the case.

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This week saw Cristiano Ronaldo ascend to the top of the goalscoring charts internationally (more on that later), but who are the other top goalscorers in international football?

We’ve taken a look at the numbers and listed the top six, active top goalscorers in international football for you. And yes, Ronaldo is in there.


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