Top 6 most successful young players in football history

LONDON - NOVEMBER 26: Francesc Fabregas of Arsenal guards the post during the FA Barclays Premiership match between Arsenal and Blackburn Rovers at Highbury on November 26, 2005 in London, England. (Photo by Clive Mason/Getty Images)

Time to talk about the young players who have met the biggest success in football history, the ones that had extremely precocious careers.

In football history, there have been players who were really successful from a very early age and some of them even reached a level that placed them amongst the best players who ever lived.

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For this piece, we are giving you a Top 6 list of the most successful young players that we believe were the most precocious and have won major trophies during the beginnings of their illustrious careers as professional footballers.

We are not going to everybody here, this means that we encourage you to talk about the players who deserve to be on this list next to these other names or mention if you think someone doesn’t deserve to be here. Here we go!