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Top 7 best number 7 footballers in the history of the game

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We are going to start a new series in which we talk about the best footballers in the history of the game by number, today we got all the number 7’s.

Footballers tend to always fall into a specific number that they feel comfortable with for the rest of their careers, but the conventions of this beautiful game have established that certain players wear a specific number according to their position on the pitch and we will talk about the mythical number ‘7’ today.

This is the number that is more associated with the winger, that player who loves his dribbling skills and mostly plays for his teammates by sending crosses from the flanks.

In football history, we’ve had our fair share of number ‘7’ players who have completely changed the way in which we see the game today.

There are a few exceptions of players who are specifically wingers but were also known for wearing this number, we will talk about the Top 7 best number ‘7’ players who ever lived.