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Top 7 best number 7 footballers in the history of the game

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We are going to start a new series in which we talk about the best footballers in the history of the game by number, today we got all the number 7’s.

Footballers tend to always fall into a specific number that they feel comfortable with for the rest of their careers, but the conventions of this beautiful game have established that certain players wear a specific number according to their position on the pitch and we will talk about the mythical number ‘7’ today.

This is the number that is more associated with the winger, that player who loves his dribbling skills and mostly plays for his teammates by sending crosses from the flanks.

In football history, we’ve had our fair share of number ‘7’ players who have completely changed the way in which we see the game today.

There are a few exceptions of players who are specifically wingers but were also known for wearing this number, we will talk about the Top 7 best number ‘7’ players who ever lived.

7.- Bastian Schweinsteiger

When this German legend started his career under manager Jurgen Klinsmann at Bayern Munich, he started out as a winger and he even played the 2006 World Cup in that position.

As soon as Louis van Gaal arrived in the club, the Dutch manager soon realized that Bastian was far better suited to play as a defensive midfielder instead of a winger and this completely changed his life for the better.

The player decided to keep wearing his number ‘7’ despite this fundamental position switch, which gave him a whole new perception from the fans because nobody is used to seeing a number ‘7’ player in that specific position.

Schweinsteiger led Germany to the 2014 World Cup whilst wearing that jersey.

6.- Franck Ribery

Perhaps this French winger didn’t start out with the number ‘7’ jersey when he made his impact for France in the 2006 World Cup, but Franck Ribery is one of the best representations of a true winger who wore this number and did it in style.

His best years came as a Bayern Munich player, a club where he played for the better part of his professional career and even won the Treble back in 2013.

Ribery still plays for the German giants to this day, but he is getting closer to retirement as he is soon to turn 36 years of age.

5.- George Best

The Irish winger is perhaps one of the first major players on this position, he made a tremendous impact at Manchester United and became the first massive star to wear this mythical number for the Red Devils.

We could easily credit the club adopting this number as their talisman forever thanks to this player’s heroics while wearing this jersey, Georgie Best is still remembered as one of the best players in football history and certainly the best Irish player who ever played the beautiful game.

4.- Raul Gonzalez Blanco

This is perhaps the only example of a centre-forward that we are going to use on the list, but Raul is totally worth including here because of everything he did for football as he remained active.

The Spanish forward was good enough to be considered another one of the ‘Galacticos’ from the Real Madrid era in which players like Zinedine Zidane, Luis Figo, David Beckham, or Ronaldo Nazario played for Los Blancos.

Raul scored many important goals for his beloved Real Madrid and became a true legend of the game.

3.- Luis Figo

The first Portuguese player from this list who is part of a great tradition that Sporting Clube made of producing wingers for the rest of the world, the second player from his country to ever win the Ballon d’Or.

Luis Figo is one of the most elegant dribblers who ever played the game and one who never really separated himself from the number ‘7’ jersey, he had to do it at Real Madrid because Raul was wearing it when he first arrived but he never stopped using it for Portugal.

Luis won everything at club level and represented his country in several international tournaments, he was the reason they were competitive enough to reach semifinals in all the major competitions on the international stage.

2.- David Beckham

One of the most recognizable faces on world football, David Beckham decided to accept the challenge of wearing the number ‘7’ jersey at Manchester United and he eventually won the Treble with Manchester United while wearing that number.

When he first started his career with the Red Devils, Beckham even wore the number ’10’ for a little while and several other numbers on the many different clubs he represented but he never stopped wearing the number 7 when he represented his country.

David Beckham is by far the player with the better passing skills of this list, the man could do wonders with that right foot.

1.- Cristiano Ronaldo

The epitome of what a number ‘7’ should always be, Cristiano Ronaldo came to reinvent this number and even turned it into a recognizable brand all around the world.

Cristiano Ronaldo became one of the best players in football history with his inseparable number ‘7’, he will retire with it and he will still continue to gift us with historic performances for years to come as he enters his veteran years with great enthusiasm.

Ronaldo had to inherit this number both at Real Madrid and Portugal, he took it from Raul for Los Blancos and did the same from Luis Figo in the national team.

Every time you think about this number, the first player that comes to mind is Cristiano Ronaldo.

Can you think of another player that we could add to this list? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.