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Top football betting strategies that help to win

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When playing football betting, players basically only makes two decisions. Which bet? And how much to bet?

Betting is very simple but how to win in football betting is a big problem. In addition to relying on knowledge and luck, you need to equip yourself with some effective betting strategies. It will be of great help in the long run.

The three betting strategies from the F8bet website for gamblers below will answer these two big questions. At the same time, it gives useful tips on maintaining psychology to maximize the betting revenue of professional betting players. Follow the strategies below if you want to maximize your chances to win.

Betting strategies

You need to equip yourself with some effective betting strategies

Check out the exact bets

For accurate and effective football betting. Players need to collect and analyze as much information about the upcoming match as possible. The most important of which is the following information:

The ranking position of the two teams on the prestigious international rankings (e.g. FIFA) and the current tournament’s rankings.

Confrontation history of the 2 teams: Are the 2 teams fighting each other or not? On average, how many goals are scored per head-to-head match.

  • Performance of the two teams recently: Are they winning or losing streaks?
  • Level of thirst for points of the two teams: Is it necessary to win or just hold a draw?
  • Density of competition of 2 teams: Do the players have to play many tournaments close to each other?
  • Line-up: Injury situation, penalty cards, the main force of the two teams?

Choose a bet

In addition to betting based on mass information. Then the information itself is on the house’s rafters table. And its fluctuations will also show the house’s view of the upcoming first match.

But it must remind you that the dealer has a strong team of bettors that update the odds table day and night. If you can read the house, you can see 80% of the match results correctly.

Do not place bad bets

Traction bets are types of bets that often fluctuate, the dealer changes the odds continuously to entice you to bet. Usually these types of bets have very good odds but are unlikely to happen so winning is very low.

To maintain capital and ensure your bets, you should stay away from this type of bad bet. Only bet on fair odds with little or no volatility to ensure safety.

Betting budget strategy

The owl will be profitable after not only one but many consecutive bets

If you choose the right door, you will have a 70% chance of winning. Choosing the right amount of bet per game will help you raise this probability to 80-90% in the long run. That is, the owl will be profitable after not only one but many consecutive bets.

  • Double bet: bet on the next game to double the previous game.
  • Bet 1-3-2-6 or Bet 1-3-2-4: Corresponds to the unit bets of 4 games in turn. If you win, then move on to the next bet. If you lose or end game 4, then return to the first game bet.
  • Bet up to 2 markets/match,  maximum 3 matches/day.
  • Bet up to 50-70% of the total capital/turn.

Psychological strategies

Stick to the strategy

Playing football betting leaves short-term investment but also needs players to have certain patience. For new players, it will take some time to accumulate experience before hitting the hand and seeing the fragrant and door. For players who have a bit of experience in applying strategies, they need to patiently stick to the outlined strategies.

Unaffected by crowd psychology

You need to look at the odds and apply a specific strategy to choose the betting door

Some of you have the ability to bet and judge well. But changed his mind at the last minute because he played with friends. This is a very easy mistake to make in the world of amateur bettors.

You need to remember that if everyone wins, it is impossible. So the dealer always has long tricks to lure the faint chickens in their favor. In particular, in football betting, following the crowd is the shortest way to lose.

Stay awake

In any match, you need to look at the odds and apply a specific strategy to choose the betting door. Absolutely do not bet wild, do not bet because of feelings for your favorite team. And especially need to be careful with matches with a sudden high level of food that changes or changes 180 degrees before the game time. This is most likely a dealer trap.

Keep your mind and control yourself

In addition, you also need to restrain yourself. Win without greed, lose without discouragement. It is best to draw up a betting plan with an expected winning bet and an acceptable loss. If the money in your pocket increases/decreases to this level, you should stop whether you are winning or losing.

Especially when I find myself with bad luck. Any bet you lose, you lose (6-8 consecutive losses). Sometimes it can also be due to playing the wrong strategy, you should consider stopping playing for a few days to clear your mind. As well as reviewing your betting method with problems at the beginning to change in the next bet.

Choose a reputable bookie

Choosing a reputable bookie in football betting is very important. If you play at a poor quality bookie, there will be some situations such as:

  • The bets are not diverse.
  • Winning bets do not pay bonuses.
  • Contact customer service is not responding.
  • Fake promotion.
  • Executing withdrawals is very difficult.

In the long run, the above problems will have a significant impact on your psychology and capital. Therefore, choose a reputable address to experience the best football betting.

Above is a summary of strategies and ways to play football betting that always wins from longtime bettors. If you find the betting experience we offer reasonable, try it and feel the effect. Wish you a successful application and good luck!