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Top gent Emery gives words of support to successor Arteta

Unai Emery
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Unai Emery showed his class as a true gentleman of football as he offered words of support for the man who just took his job, Mikel Arteta.

It has only been about three weeks since Unai Emery was sacked by Arsenal.

Most of us are bitter for a lifetime if we get fired from our jobs, nevermind give our support to the person who takes out place.

Emery was not just fired from a job, he was sacked as a football manager.

It’s perhaps dismissal in the most public of way. His dirty laundry so to speak hung out for all to see.

Yet the Spaniard has always shown his class.

When he got the boot he thanked Arsenal and wished them all the best.

Now when Mikel Arteta takes the job he lost, he has the class give his support.

Speaking to the BBC, Emery demonstrates what a gentleman he is.

Emery said:

“Arteta really is prepared to make that next jump.”

“He has been at Arsenal before, been in the Premier League and has been working with Pep Guardiola.”

” I do believe this is a good decision.”

“I would also like it to be a good decision.”

Maybe Unai emery is just too nice for his own good.