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Top 5 highest goalscorers in European league history

Top 5 highest goalscorers in European league history
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Who is Europe’s greatest goalscorer? Find out here as we go through the Top 5 highest goalscorers across all European leagues.

Making it as a big-time player in any of the European leagues is a big ask for any player, no matter who they may be. Everyone loves a good hero who rises from nowhere to become the best.

Fortunately, we have witnessed many great players over the years take centre-stage in Europe. There is nothing quite like having them dazzle us while carving their names in history.

And among them have been some incredible goalscorers.

These individuals have probably experienced the most highs and lows you could ever expect in football. One minute everyone sings their praises for scoring a goal and then mercilessly slam them for not doing so next time.

No doubt a forward is the most stressful role for any top player.

So here we give you the Top 5 players who rose above the criticism and scored hundreds of goals in European league football.