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Top surgeon suggests Kane will miss Euro 2020

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A top surgeon has suggested that Harry Kane’s likely return will be after Euro 2020 providing everything goes well in his recovery

Look away now Tottenham and England fans. The prognosis for Harry Kane is not looking good following his hamstring surgery.

 Dr. Chris Wilson, who has conducted the same surgery over 70 times insists that the road to recovery is long and very methodical.

In an interview reported by the Sun, he insists there are no shorts cuts.

He said:

“I would expect it to be six months before he could return to action.”

“There is a big range of opinion because it is such an uncommon procedure and some surgeons may say quicker.”

“If the repair was good and sound, the first six weeks he will be nursing the repair and doing very little.”

“Six to 12 weeks, providing everything was OK, he will be doing basic strengthening exercises.”

“At three months you would start a normal hamstring rehabilitation that you would do if you got a tear in the middle of the muscle.”

“If I was talking to a top-level footballer I would want to manage their expectations.”

“I wouldn’t anticipate them being fit and playing normally in a game for six months following the surgery.”

He urges the player and his club not to rush the process or risk a repeat incident.

He added:

“If it was me I would say aim for getting fit for pre-season training.”

“I am aware of Harry Kane’s case they have been saying April or May – I have to say I would be very surprised.”

“There is a risk of recurrence. When you do a hamstring repair, you’ll tell the athlete there is a risk of re-rupture.”